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How to Save Money by Outsourcing Your Job to Fiverr

If you are a regular reader of this blog you might know that I earn 4 figure income monthly by selling gigs on Fiverr. A couple of years ago, I read an article published on DailyBlogTips.com which explains how Daniel, the author of the blog used Fiverr to make one of his posts viral on social media by buying social media sharing gigs on Fiverr. The story was incredible. Buying a gig worth $5, and making a post viral by getting social media shares sounds crazy for me. At that time I was about to launch my premium ebook for sale. As the topic of the...

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Deciding Where to Sell Your Ebook; ClickBank vs. E-junkie vs. Amazon vs. Lulu

One of the biggest questions arouse in every newbie ebook seller’s mind is how to sell their ebook; which platform or software should be chosen for selling. Though, there are many options available online for selling, choosing the correct platform to sell your ebook can be tricky. So the decision should be made considering many factors which include your ebook selling strategy and goals. At instance, ebook selling process can be classified into 3 simple steps. Step #1: Buyer Clicking CTA button: Buyer reaches the landing page, and click add to cart or buy now button in order to purchase an ebook. Step...

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8 Freelance Bloggers Reveal How to Get Started as Freelance blogger

If you have been here for a while you may know that I occasionally take freelance writing projects. Its been many years since I started blogging and started making money online. However, when it comes to freelance blogging, I am just a beginner. So I decided to ask a question to some successful freelance bloggers– What’s the best way to get started as freelance blogger today. And, here are their answers. I hope this post will be helpful for everyone who are looking to start a freelance blogging career. 1. Carrie Smith suggests to follow successful freelancers For me, the...

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Income Report: How I earned $1500 Online in January 2014

Earlier I was a bit shameful to reveal my monthly income report. I thought that I could start sharing the income report once I started making a few thousand dollars a month. I know for those who are residing in one of the Western countries, $1500 doesn’t make a good fit for living. However, I think it is a decent amount to earn from your part time business. After all, I created this blog to share what I’ve learned and achieved so far with the community. In addition, I have also seen some of the blogs sharing their income report...

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Creating ebook- Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Note: I am planning for writing a blog post series about ultimate guide to create and launch an ebook that sells. So this will be the first part of that. A couple of years ago, I created and launched a premium ebook named Definitive Guide to Google Summer of Code. Though, it was not listed one amongst the top sellers, I was lucky enough to make a few sales of it. In all aspects it was a big learning experience whether it is about product creation, promotion or launching. In this article I’ll explain what all the lessons I learned...

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Stop Changing Your Blog Theme: You Are All Doing It Wrong!

Yes, its official! WP Blog Tips has now redesigned and revamped. The new design is responsive and focused on building a personal brand. If you are also considering changing your blog’s theme, without any delays…here are my 3 must read recommendations. Responsive design 2013 is the year of responsive design. Many big blogs and websites switched their design to responsive including TechCrunch.com, Mashable.com, Homepage of Gmail.com and even WordPress software. I don’t know why still people are using a blog design which is not optimized for mobile phones. With increasing number of mobile internet usage, it is obvious that future...

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How Publishing Guest Posts on My Blog Dropped Google Search Traffic by 90%

(Note: I am not talking about WPBlogTips.com. Google search traffic decline is affected on one of my blogs but it is not WPBlogTips.com. Just to ensure you’ven’t mistaken :) LOL!) Many people used to ask me, why I am not accepting guest posts on WPBlogTips.com There are many reasons for it. You may noticed that, previous owner of this blog has accepted many low to medium quality articles from guest authors. (If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may know that this blog was bought by me a year ago.) After the acquisition, I try to build...

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Problogger Job Board: The Art of Winning Your First Freelancing Gig

One of the easiest ways to get hired as a freelance writer is to apply from Job Boards like Problogger Job Board. Unlike freelancing site like elance.com, most of the job boards postings are meant for long term contract. In fact, people often counts job boards with freelancing websites as both of them are gold mines of jobs for freelancers. However, both freelancing website and job boards are completely different from each other. Comparing to freelancing websites, contractors approach differently to job boards and their needs from job boards are also different. Freelancing Website vs. Job Boards Long term projects:...

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#AskAdwords: Google Adwords Team Answers to My Question in a Video

I’ve been using various methods to promote the Blogger to WordPress migration services which I provide here on WPBlogTips. I mainly use banner advertising for this. (Learn how I advert. my services using Banner Advertising ) Though AdWords is one of the most effective and laser targeted way for advertising a product or services I was afraid to use it for 2 reasons. Reason #1: AdWords has a big learning curve Reason #2: Main keywords I promote has lower keyword search volume


Why You Fail to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing [Resolved]

One of the sexiest ways of making money from blogging is via affiliate marketing. Unlike other methods like making money by selling advertising spaces for e.g. AdSense, affiliate marketing is comparatively harder. Here are how most of the people tries to make money as an affiliate and what mistakes they often commit on the go and how to resolve it. 1. Writing product reviews This is one of the popular ways to promote a product. There are many examples from different bloggers that this could be one of the greatest ways to do affiliate marketing. However, writing product review could...