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About Blog, WP Blog Tips

WP Blog Tips is developed by Anuj Sharma in 2011. Later in 2012, it was sold to Shahzad, the current owner of this blog.

Apart from providing down to earth blogging tips advice we also provide Free Blogger to WordPress Migration.

About the Author, Shahzad

shahzad-in-gardenI started blogging 4 years ago, since then life has just gotten better. I love blogging and blogging and blogging… nothing else. (just kidding) :)

Ok, here is my story…

I had free internet connection and a laptop during my college days. So I decided to start a blogspot blog. Within years blog has got a BIG impact on my life.

I learned a lot from my first attempt. I come to know that I could not grow that blog beyond a limit because it was my first blog and while starting out I didn’t have clear idea on what should I do and what I should not.

I found that instead of wasting my time for that blog, it is better to start a new one in a new niche… in a niche where I am really passionate about.

Starting out again was good idea but I don’t want to spend a lot of time to build traffic, engaging community etc. etc… So I decided to buy a blog and that’s why I bought this.

That’s my story so far… Will update you more with more tips

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