Best Google Adsense Alternatives – Webmasters Love To Use

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7 Responses

  1. I personally use Infolinks for my blog with Google Adsense and Surprisingly both give me same revenue.

  2. Harry Sehgal says:

    They Are Good Alternatives. But I think Nobody can Beat Adsense.

    • Anuj Sharma says:

      Yes are right my friend,but i am write this post for people,Who don’t get Google adsense approval or account banned by Google

      thanks for your comment ,keep coming back :)

  3. geneva says:

    Thanks for the share. I find that Adsense is still the best by a mile. But its good that there are some alternatives.

  4. Adsense si the best and going good for me. In fact, infolinks is good too but nothing can beat adsense.

  5. The is the best Adsense alternative – i make easily $50 a day with just 15 minutes set up and i am ready to go :) ……. go sign up and figure it out in no time how to monetize your blog

  6. technphone says:

    Thanks for best sharing in your google adsense alternative publisher network.