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Out of Top 100 Blogs, 97% Don't Use Blogger.com!

According to Technorati and Pingdom.com, out of Top 100 blogs, 52 uses WordPress and only 3 were using Blogger. So it is obvious that WordPress is what most of the pro-blogs use.

However, there would be some blogs who would be successful and making decent money using Blogger platform. In fact, it is an absolute RARE case.

In fact, if you consider the most of the cases, then it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to build a professional blog using Blogger.

Undoubtedly most of the professional blogs prefer using WordPress

OK, I agree... Starting YOUR FIRST Blog on Blogger.com isn't a bad thing...

OK... No problem if you started your first blog on Blogger. In fact, everyone starts blogging on Blogger.com. (Even I've started on it!) Because Blogger is free, it's a nice learning platform for the newbies to learn how blogging and internet marketing works.

Its like practicing on a smaller ground with smaller budget and learn basics first before jumping straight forward to play bigger games on a bigger league.

As said earlier, starting your first blog on Blogger.com is not at all a mistake. Mistake is only then, when you continue to remain on blogger.com even after knowing that self hosted WordPress has far more features and functionalities but you still hesitate to move onto self hosted WordPress.

4 Reasons Why You Should Quit Blogger.com Immediately


ATTENTION: Your blog might be at risk

Recently one of my readers emailed me that his PR3 (Alexa 55k) Blogger.com blog was DELETED. And that's for absolutely NO REASON.

Think about his condition. His hard work to bring that blog to an awesome position has just wasted! And that all due to automatic spam prevention robot.

Blogger.com uses automatic spam prevention robot to find spam blogs. And once if your blog is found as spam, your blog will be deleted immediately. And that's all automatic!

However, later Google may sincerely apologize for the mistake happened and may or may not retrieve the blog to earlier state but what about the traffic and search engine rankings decline due to this deletion?? It's all gone forever!!


You Don't Own Your Blogger Blog!!

According to Google Terms of Services, a Blogger user (like you) has no control on their blog and Google has right to suspend or delete a Blogger blog any time.

Read the ToS excerpts here

“We may add or remove functionalities or features, and we may suspend or stop a Service altogether.”…
"Google may also stop providing Services to you, or add or create new limits to our Services at any time.”

People Underestimate the Free Blogger Blog

According to a study conducted by WebMasterWorld, 75% of blogspot blogs are spam. So most of the people and enterprises are afraid to deal a business with blogspot blog owner... They are afraid because they could not be guaranteed if your blog is legitimate one or a SPAM.

So if you are looking to turn your blogspot blog to real business, quit blogspot first.


Less Flexibility/ Less Features

Newbie bloggers would be happy with Blogger's platform. The Blogger interface would be easier for beginners and their expectations from blogging platform were also less. However, once a blogger started growing from newbie to intermediate or advanced level they may struck at a point as blogspot is less flexible and provides less features comparing to other platforms like WordPress.

So absolutely Blogspot blog is NOT MEANT for professional blogging.

Take the FIRST STEP to Become a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER... Migrate Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

Migrating a blog to WordPress can be a hassle especially if you are not a developer or experienced programmer. You might loss your search engine traffic as well as ranking if you try to do everything yourself.

So it is always better to choose a team for migration who really know what they're doing. We follow the most recommended way for migration so you'll NOT loose any of the traffic, PR or rankings. However, most of our clients' traffic and rankings has been increased since after they switched to self hosted WordPress!

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Who is behind WPBlogTips.com and the Free Migration Services

Shahzad Saeed is owner of this blog, WPBlogTips.com who also co-founded a startup SoftUniqueCorp.com where he lead a team of WordPress developers.

We design and develop WordPress themes for various blogs and business websites around the globe. The migration services is available exclusively for WPBlogTips readers

People Started Migrating... Do you?

Blog Should be Treated as Business. So I migrated to WordPress...

I have started making money from my various blogs. I believe that blog should be treated as serious business. So I switched to WordPress.

To be honest, I was little bit worried at first when I decided to move to WordPress. But Shahzad and his team really rocks in what they do.

I will recommend WPBlogTips teams for everyone who are looking to switch their blog to WordPress.

Akhil Abraham | www.Allbloggingtools.com

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