Stop Changing Your Blog Theme: You Are All Doing It Wrong!

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31 Responses

  1. Changing my blog design? It seems hard for me if I have to change my blog design.
    I have not thought to change my blog design yet. May be sometime.
    Blog design is very personal. It represents the owner’s sense. It sticks closely to the blog’s owner, too.

  2. frank joseph says:

    Responsive theme is the in thing for 2014 and as you stated above, it is already being implemented by top websites. Am looking to do the same when i have enough time and $$$.
    Your blog look fabulous on mobile and pc!

  3. Shahzad I like your advice. Think mobile and think branding to enter 2014 like a champion.

    Everything is going mobile in a big way; hop on board by using the right theme.


  4. Riya Khurana says:

    hello shahzad…these are such a great tips…should select the theme which color palette attract the traffic…
    so that bounce rate will be good,which ultimately help you to stay in market.

  5. Nate says:

    Hi Shahzad,

    I agree with you here. Most blogs should be responsive. Why that isn’t the case? I think most don’t know about it, but I am starting to see more that are. Great all around post my friend!

    • Shahzad says:

      Glad to see you here again. Yeah, people are too lazy or not even aware of responsive sites… Hopefully more bloggers will be using responsive design soon

  6. marilyn cada says:

    hello shahzad. my website is already responsive but i am not yet contended with the design of my blog. :) have to create a simple logo for my blog to make more look more professional

  7. I don’t have any reasons to change my blog theme anytime soon because it has all the best features any one will want, it is already responsive, fast and have good layout.

  8. Themes generate thumbnails and small images as per theme usage and when you change the theme it shows large images in all places which increase load time of your page…

    • Shahzad says:

      You said it! This theme uses thumbnail generator plugin for generating images in different sizes. And, yeah you opened my min.

      Is that a down side of using responsive design?

  9. Hello Shahzad,
    My blog haven’t responsive design, i will change it later to responsive with premium theme, your article will help me to choose right theme for my blog. Thank for sharing.

  10. True that, about the responsiveness part bro! High time that webmasters take cue from the ‘mobile web world’s’ growth! Even Google has included a ‘user experience’ section on mobile devices in PageSpeed insights tool. Seems like they are gonna give more importance towards the comfort of mobile internet users!

    What if they go on and include mobile user experience as a part of SEO? Whoa, is my mind running wild? It was just my wild imagination bro! But still, it is evident that big G is keenly interested in mobile optimization.

    As always, well researched, well written and informative post from your side, bro! :D


  11. Emmanuel says:

    The world is indeed going into different dimensions. Everyone is going the smart way with smartphones and thinking and having a plan for your blog theme is of course paramount.

  12. udayghulaxe says:

    Great post.You explained it in a really interactive way. And yes one point I really like that we dont actally need paid themes. Sometimes free themes also gives us what we want. And making our website a brand is really important because people are more attracted towords the brand.

  13. Hi Shahzad,
    I have changed my blog theme several times, because many themes didn’t satisfy me. . .
    I have to agree with your points; responsive theme are necessary as Google gives more preference for mobile devices. . .

    • Shahzad says:

      I suggest you to upload the theme on the local host first. And, once you are satisfied with it with necessary tweaks you can proceed by uploading to your main site

  14. aaronch1 says:

    Hi Shahzad,

    Thanks for sharing those helpful tips and suggestions, and especially the links.
    Currently I’m searching for a responsive theme for my site. Like you suggested, I’m choosing a free one. There are so many nice designs to choose from that it makes the decision kind of difficult
    I have to research and find out how many people have tried viewing my site on a mobile device and left because it’s not set up to be viewed on a small screen.
    So my goal is to switch over to a responsive theme and track through Google analytics how it affects my site traffic and if it improves my search engine rankings. And I’m also going to look into getting a logo designed. Thanks again!

    • Shahzad says:

      I am glad that you found this article useful. Get an awesome responsive design. WP free directory has a lot of them. I am planning to offer logo designing services here on my blog :)
      Feel free to contact me if you would like to get one designed.

  15. philipo289 says:

    Hello Shahzad,

    Nice article you did here though it was your title that caught my attention.

    I was thinking that you were going to talk about the disadvantages of always changing one’s theme or things related to that due to the title of this article, but not withstanding i really benefited a lot from this article.

    I never beleived that this is a free theme, it looks more like a custom made theme. With this i think that you are right when you said that one deosnt really need a paid theme because i almost doubted that idea.

    Your theme and its responsiveness looks awesome, please can you tell me( or email) the name of this your theme.

    Thanks for sharing, Philip

  16. Hamza arshad says:

    You have find really a great theme for free. i also use free child genesis theme.

  17. am.chen says:

    You have find really a great theme for free. i also use free child genesis them

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