Fiverr New vs. Old Version- A Quick Overview and What It Meant for Sellers

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5 Responses

  1. leahmcdon says:

    Hey Shahzad,
    Liked the post. And you were so correct. New notification on Fiverr is an headache. It is similar like WordPress theme notification.

    Hopefully fiverr will consider the issue. It would be better if you could report them by requesting a new feature. Their customer support is just great!

  2. Excellent breakdown buddy. I like that Fiverr is upping its game; this helps people make a solid income on the network.

  3. Hi Shahzad,

    Good review! I like the more than $5 bit. Undercutting each other only makes each user broke; here in India I could not live off of $5 a day, or $10, let alone back in the US. Raise the bar for everybody…..charge your worth.

    Smart share, thanks!

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