Fix MW3 Zone Errors – Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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82 Responses

  1. Prophet says:

    There is no Zone folder brother in my MW3 File Directory. I searched all the sub dirs… please help!!!!!

  2. Prophet says:

    Hey I done all those steps but it still saying – Couldn’t load image “breakpoint_image”

  3. Anuj Sharma says:

    please mention your missing files

  4. redberet says:

    Anuj thx for your great work but im missing code_post_gfx_mp.ff file u have got the localized version uploaded but not that one could u please take care of that?

  5. Emanuel24 says:

    hey dude, i downloaded all the files of the zone folder and this time the game did start until i get another error (sp_ny_manhattan_load.bik)…could u upload pls this one to

  6. Fadi Tamer says:


    Would u pls. help on download all the files which pertain to ‘so_survival_mp_.ff’.

    ERROR: Could not fine zone ‘so_survival_mp_underground.ff’

  7. Aldo says:

    hey Anuj, thanks for this! exactly what i need! because i can download the files for the survival mode (if you want to play you need to download the map files. example: mp_dome.ff, mp_dome_load.ff, and so_survival_mp_dome.ff if you want to play on dome map) and i’d like to post the links to the alteriwnet forums. because many people cant play survival because in their mw3 version the surival is ripped. so do i have permission? thanks before :)

  8. Fadi Tamer says:

    Aha Okay .. Yup of curse you have the permission pls quickly And Thank u <3

  9. Fadi Tamer says:

    Pls Quickly .. anuj help me ?

  10. weird says:

    i’ve already download all patch..but still can’t play..its tell the same problem..”could not find zone “code_pre_gfx.ff” me!!..i’ve take 2 days without sleep and me please..:(

  11. karthik says:

    ny_manhattan missing

  12. karthik says:

    ny_manhattan.ff missing pls help

  13. Anuj Sharma says:

    Download all files from here and replace with your old file

  14. karthik says:

    ny_manhattan.ff missing pls uploa

  15. karthik says:

    can u tell me roral how many files r there in zones folder pls

  16. karthik says:

    hijack.ff missing

  17. Alex says:

    hi dude, could you upload ‘patch_mp_underground.ff’ file for MW3, please.

  18. karthik says:

    can u upload all the files in zones folder it is irritating to to play a mossion and then dowload a file for next mission pls upload the othere files also pls i will be thankfull to u if u do thabt

    • Anuj Sharma says:

      Hi,karthik problem is that i cannot make a list of files which i have already uploaded.So i don’t have any idea which files i have uploaded to mediafire or not if someone asking about any file then i uploaded that file to media-fire,Hope you understand.

  19. de_coca says:

    thanks,,,u rock!!!!!

  20. Alex says:

    thanks, buddy!

  21. karthik says:

    sp_warlord.ff missing

  22. karthik says:

    you have uploaded only 109 files of 178 files pls try to upload some more file pls………………..

  23. Shivam says:

    It’s quite easy to compare names of the files which you have on your system and the ones you have uploaded. Then all the missing files can be uploaded in no time. Because most of them have a common name pattern so you can check for the files which you have not uploaded by comparing bulk files at a time. Thanks. :)

  24. karthik says:

    paris_a.ff MISSING PLS UPLOAD

  25. achaku says:

    ur great man..iloveu

  26. Anuj Sharma says:

    Hi, paris_a.ff uploaded

  27. Anuj Sharma says:

    Hi, mate paris_a.ff uploaded

  28. mahmoud says:

    i donot have zone folder in my mw3 tll me the solution i have my game from kaos krew

  29. mahmoud says:

    appear error when playing

  30. karthik says:

    paris_b.ff missing pls upload

  31. mahmoud says:

    thanks i have fixed it alone thank you are a good man

  32. mahmoud says:

    there is password in some files
    can you tell me it?

  33. Amir says:

    in Multiplayer:Files are Diffrent From Server

  34. Abbas says:

    what is password in the mediafire links??

  35. jay says:

    y my game have an error
    reliable command buffer overflow
    pls reply asap…

  36. renji7363 says:

    Can you upload paris_ac130.ff and paris_b.ff again, link seen to be broken, download can not be start:(

  37. jaspreet singh says:

    i have done all that but still written zone code pre gfx.ff

  38. Anuj Sharma says:

    try to reinstall game

  39. PeterA says:

    hi, the audio quality of the game is pretty low, like it’s not really clear and stuff, does this have to do with the files you’ve uploaded? or is it something else?
    any idea how to fix this issue??

  40. jaspreet singh says:

    i want to download whole zone folder how do i a download :(

  41. jaspreet singh says:

    my cod mw3 asking disk read error

  42. jaspreet singh says:

    yar anuj pls help i m big fan of cod

  43. jaspreet singh says:

    when i start 1st mission during video likha ata hai disk read error

  44. jaspreet singh says:

    iwants to download whole folder at 1 time

  45. jaspreet singh says:

    how do i create

  46. Thanks mate, first i couldnt understand why survival mode got stuck on my pc? most of the zone files are missing. Thanks for sharing files. There are as many as 113 files to be downloaded.

  47. yogi t kumar says:

    there is another error name “scroll_bar_arrow_up”
    so what i can do

  48. emirMW3 says:

    Hello mate :)
    can you put all the Survival map to download….
    and thanks bro

  49. ceekay says:

    where do i place the file


  50. Memo says:

    pls upload me this file iw_20.iwd every time i play online i get error about this file pls upload yours thx alot

  51. Memo says:

    and iw_21.iwd i will be thankful 2 you

  52. puneet chauhan says:

    Dear Anuj, i downloaded the required file “code_pre_gfx.ff” but i dont know where to place it in the game…
    please HELP ASAP….

  53. dev says:

    couldnt load image ‘specialty_new_nonenglish’
    error occurs what should i do

  54. purna
    hi in call of duty modern warfare 3 at one stage its showing ERROR Reliable Command Buffer Overflow….i cannot proceed the game…pls give a solution to overcome this problem….pls