Free WordPress SEO Themes – Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

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18 Responses

  1. Mir Imran Elahi says:

    Hi Anuj,

    Nice list.This list will be greatly helpful for newbie bloggers.Thanks.

    ~Mir IMran Elahi

  2. Never heard of these themes before but if they’re SEO optimized, they’re good. I like how you said if you don’t want to invest in premium themes to download these. I’m going to create a free SEO theme for my blog and tell visitors that same line..

    One thing I love in a blog theme besides SEO is a customizable sidebar. I need it to at least be 300 px..

  3. Daniel - Bloggable Stuff says:

    Good list. Having SEO baked into the theme can help but the best SEO plugins can do the trick on just about any theme.

  4. ibnu says:

    thank you very much for the list..

    I’ve been looking for simple, clean, and seo friendly theme for days..


  5. acunmeswew says:

    great theme :)
    i will try it .. thank before

  6. I love the Techmaish theme. It’s simply awesome

  7. chetan says:

    great themes . i am searching seo themes for months,now i get some useful information thanxs……

  8. fathur rahem says:

    I really like this.. thanks…

  9. DRG says:

    And NicheWP 3.0

  10. mazmun says:

    Nice Info, I really like this. Thanks.

  11. thanks for share this theme and very good

  12. Awesome templates.great advice.thanks for the bies are going rock with these tips.

  13. pulau pari says:

    i will try it .. thank before

  14. Pulau Pari says:

    Very good theme I will use it to my blog travel thank

  15. best design template… are its free… ?

  16. Nica info. Thanks for share

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