Why I Use GetResponse not Aweber to Build Email List

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18 Responses

  1. Rahim Sullami says:

    Wow! Shahzad…
    I was looking to build an email list and almost signed up for Aweber. Thanks for your review about GetResponse. As it is free, I’ll surely check it out.


  2. Raj says:

    You have talked about the differences but the real thing which prompted you to choose GetResponse is missing.. I can say that it will be good if you write a more detailed post about GetResponse and its features.. infact a quick setup guide including all those details is appreciated.. #IMO

    • Shahzad says:

      Hi Raj,
      Thanks for letting me know your opinion.

      ” I can say that it will be good if you write a more detailed post about GetResponse and its features”

      The web is populated with the review articles explaining the features of every popular autoresponders including Aweber and GR. Because most of the people are looking at only on Aweber, I thought it would be better to write an article explaining why I use GR not Aweber. Actually I don’t want to bore my readers with another article focusing on features. One thing that make GetResponse standout from others is the custom squeeze page which Aweber don’t provide.

      “but the real thing which prompted you to choose GetResponse is missing.”

      There are 2 things
      1. GetResponse is cheaper comparing to other popular autoresponders.
      2. Even though GR is cheaper it provide more features including the custom squeeze page.

      That is why I said I DON’T KNOW WHY PEOPLE USE AWEBER…

      Hope it answered your doubt. Let me know what you think :)

  3. Alex Newell says:

    Well I have used 1shoppingcart, GetResponse and Aweber.

    A years ago Getresposnse was generally regarded as a cheap knock off of Aweber but I did not have any particular technical needs and it was easy enough to use – so I did.

    Then they had a redesign and made the software much more “glam”.

    I hated it and found the design and arrangement of features clumsy and frustrating, so I jumped ship to Aweber.

    And I just find Aweber very simple and intuitive to use.

    I can understand a squeeze page being important and a decisive factor for some peeps but any good WordPress theme should allow you to produce a custom squeeze.

    For me the issue was simplicity in use and appearance – Aweber scores at around 8/10 for that and Getrsposnse around 3/10

    The real point is that software has to fit the user – the technical features matter up to a point and after that you like it or you don’t

    Just noticed Shahzad that you use a Woo theme – I like them a lot for their simplicity, clean design and ease of use!

    Just like Aweber in fact!



    • Shahzad says:

      Wow Alex,
      It is nice to hear your view about GetResponse.

      A couple of months ago, using GetResponse was absolutely FREE until we get first 100 subscribers. Now they changed the system and made it free for only a month.

      In my point of view both the Aweber and GetResponse provide same kind of features. But GetResponse ask for less money.

      And yeah… Woothemes is great, though.

      I appreciate your comment :)

  4. Yeremi Akpan says:

    I am in the market for a new mailing list service provider. I have been having issues with Aweber. Tons of spams are getting into my lists and bloating them.

    Its funny how I get 40 to fifty optins a day and most of them would be from my blog’s registration form which does not contain an optin form in the first place.


    Who stands to gain when my list gets inflated? Surely, not I!

    • Shahzad says:

      Hehe… sounds funny :D You use double optin, right?

      If you believe most of the emails you have in the list is spam, then why don’t you test an alternative like GetResponse Yeremi?? It is sure that you’ll lose a lot of subscribers but because as you believe most of them are spam, then there is no reason to stick with your current list.

      Unlike moving your host, you don’t need to wait or think a lot. After all its your money; money is precious. My advice… never waste it!!

  5. David Landen says:

    Aweber is the name that you see most often (on blogs). I guess it makes sense that it is the most popular with affiliates since it has the largest payout! I have been using GoDaddy.com’s email marketing but am thinking of making a change. Thanks for sharing and I will give Getresponse a closer look.

    • Shahzad says:

      Hey David, Its great to see you here!

      I don’t know about GoDaddy’s email marketing software yet. Thanks for sharing your comment and hope you return again :)

  6. Shahzad – I am currently using MailChimp. I am not much into email marketing since I do not have a product or service to market. I am just another regular blogger, and started the email list just to see what it was all about.

    If you think I can put it to some use, do let me know, currently there are so many subscribers in my list, and i think most of them are spam :-)

    • Shahzad says:

      Oh god!
      Yeremi commented about spam problem and now you also Praveen. Did you use one click optin method? If yes, then you may have spam mails in your list. If you have a list you should send email regularly to maintain the relationship. Don’t you send email to your list often? If not then you might consider rebuilding your list.
      But I can’t see an email subscription form on your blog Praveen, where is it?
      Awaiting your reply

  7. Shahzad – You can see the subscribe option on the sidebar on DailyMorningCoffee. I havent yet published on for techivy. I just sent out a test mail for all the 1250 subscribers I had in the list :-) Let us see how it behaves and I shall clean them up.

    • Shahzad says:

      That’s nice.
      My suggestion if I could… send emails for some week and if your open rate is insanely low, I think you should rebuild again your list. Now you are in free account, right? So no problem.

      If you are a lazy guy like me who fail to email every week, then I suggest you should use a software which provide autoresponder too. I use GetResponse because in free MailChimp, they don’t provide autoresponder.

  8. Gico says:

    I follow you with all you said ! I’ve worked with a webmarketing Guru and he goes only for the big $$ so he promotes Aweber to his students…

    GetResponse is my choice number 1 and I will always stay with it !

  9. GetResponse is great! It is usually free in the first month. The pricing is affordable, too.
    The customer service officers are kind and friendly. They are helpful and very cooperative with each customers.
    Great posting!

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