Top 10 Google SEO Techniques – Google Best SEO Tips Ever

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11 Responses

  1. Nice post. I want to know How you add related posts after each article. By using plugin or a code?/

  2. Alam says:

    @Anuj, write tutorial for related post without plugin.

  3. Anuj. I want to add custom PHP code to my blog to show related posts. Kindly help me How I can add related posts to my blog using PHP (WordPress)?

  4. Techtrickz says:

    Thanks. Very useful information. I think Social Medias have greater importance today

  5. Spunky Jones says:

    10 good basic SEO methods that are proven and easy to follow. Most people can apply them without hiring an search engine optimization firm. Just take a little elbow grease!

  6. Simple but good tips about SEO.
    However I would like to say, Content is the King in regards of SEO.

  7. Sakib says:

    I things link building is most important today.

  8. Suresh says:

    The SEO techniques are quite informative and useful for the newbie bloggers like me.

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