How Publishing Guest Posts on My Blog Dropped Google Search Traffic by 90%

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  1. Actually, i don’t really mind SEO like i do before. I stopped receiving guest post due to the quality of the ones i’ve previously received, they didn’t pass my needs. All i need is a great write up and i don’t mind giving out dofollow links for it. my latest post titles “45 experts share their best monetization strategy” All the experts got dofollow links, that’s what guest bloggers are looking for.

    This reminds me of when an SEO company requested for a guest post, like you said; ditch it :) that’s just the good point.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post

  2. Sanjeev says:

    Hi Shahzad, Guest post is a tricky business. Google is really harsh on the web masters who does not treat their blogs well.
    I accept guest post but have a rule that the author should have a active blog and only links to that blog is permitted rather than the SEO companies…and Low quality is big NO…..

  3. Hi Shahzad Bro
    Thanks A lot for this wonderful past few weeks i m so busy with my that time i need guest post to make my blog active so i accept Guest post from some unknown Authors.But After reading your article i m aware about accepting guest post
    thanks a lot bro
    wish u success

  4. Hi Shahzad,

    Bro, I’m sorry for that traffic decline you got on one of your blogs. I’m sure you’ll recover it though :)

    So nice of you to share the reasons that led to this sharp decline in traffic. It’ll keep others informed.

    Okay, foul ads could have ‘irritated’ Google and made you lose traffic. Talking about guest posting, even I got offers from ‘companies’. Well, that happened on another blog of mine. It ranks pretty good in some ‘academic’ related keywords.

    So, these edu companies (small ones of course) would pester me with guest post requests. So far, I haven’t changed my stance. I never allowed them to literally ‘advertise’ their brand on my blog! I think I have made a good decision :)

    So, in my case, no guest blogging accepted so far on any of the blogs :)

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us Shahzad!


    • Shahzad says:

      I am in love with your comments bro :D
      Yes! Like you I also used to get many guest posts from those edu companies. Even I’ve accepted and published those posts. But both me and their site get penalized after the algo updates. Later they were asking me to remove all those links.

      So it is both time wasting for blog owners and guest publishers.

      Yes! You made a good decision by not accepting guest posts.

  5. Nate Leung says:

    Hi Shazad,

    Doing guest blog posts are pretty powerful. I don’t do it so much for the SEO aspect of it, but more so the branding aspect. If you post on an authority site, it’s always nice to have someone else promote you while you do a post for their site. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Isaiah Joe says:

    Haha Shahzad, that’s really inspiring.. Thanks for this, do you think that it would affect this niche you’re in now?

    When reading through your blog post, my mind keep telling me you might be talking about a Health blog. But i have learn my lessons from your mistake Shahzad.

    But selling ads space? that’s impossible for Me.

    • Shahzad says:

      Hey Isaiah,
      It was not health. It was on tech niche. I almost killed that blog by being a lazy guy. It is not live now otherwise I would have shared you the URL of it.

      Do creating awesome things buddy. Money will definitely follow you, then.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi Shahzad,

    Wow, crazy drop. Accepting QUALITY guest posts is good. Accepting poor posts, no good. I am pretty picky these days with my GPs and never have allowed my blog to become a link farm if that is what GPers want.


  8. Deepak Singh says:

    OMG Cant Believe your google traffic dropped from 800 PV to 80 PV.Hope you will recover it soon. Anyway you have shared a great post about guest blogging. I will recommend this to all those who are thinking to start guest blogging on their blog. But as Shahzad said please make sure that authors are real bloggers and not working for so called SEO Companies.

    Coming back to your question YES I am accepting guest post on my blog. I’m very pleased with the outcome. As long as you keep the content quality requirements up, you should be fine.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Shahzad says:

      A quick note again: Drop was not for WPBlogTips :)

      Yeah, as far as you follow strict guidelines while accepting guest posts it is not at all an headache.
      Good luck Deepak :)

  9. Emmanuel says:

    How dangerous is guest posting? That is something you have illustrated with this post.

    Thanks for those pieces of advice.

  10. A well written article shahzad. You said right that accepting a guest post from SEO companies can be dangerous. A blogger should only accept guest post from other bloggers not from any kind of commercial sites.

    Guest Poster’s blog should be related to your niche as well. I liked this article. Good luck.

  11. Hi Shahzad,
    You said it right. A guest post from a SEO company will definitely harm your blog. As others are saying, one should accept guest post from other bloggers only. Thanks for the informaiton.

  12. kuldeep says:

    Hi Shahzad,
    Thanks for bringing in the demerits of accepting guest post.
    Can’t believe that your traffic has gone down by 90%.

  13. Sorry Shahzad,
    But I think the major reason for your situation is not checking for overall quality guest articles before publishing and linking to phishing sites.

    One of the major benefits of guest posting is building exposure and in the process, getting links back to guest author’s blog.If the links in the guest articles only point to the author personal blog, to me, that’s not bad. But if the links point to any other sites part from that, then you might be in war with Google.

    Like you rightly said, articles should pass copy scape before publishing, failure to do so, you’re putting yourself at risk.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    • Shahzad says:

      That’s really awesome points Shamsudeen!
      As mostly I am receiving guest post offer from SEO companies, I’d rather not have guest posts on this blog.
      Thanks for dropping by :)

  14. Enstine Muki says:

    Oh I see! While people are rushing for guest posting, it’s often a good thing to have a personal experience and go by it.

    Thanks for sharing yours

    • Shahzad says:

      Hey Enstine,
      Really happy to see you here :) And, you are one of those who always love to accept guest posts on your blog. Good luck for your new blog :)

  15. vijesh says:

    Hi Shahzad,
    Valuable information, I knew that accepting guest posts from SEO firms ruins our blog as it happened to one of my friends blog. Even our traffic drops when we don’t update our blog on regular basis. If you are updating your blog regularly and writing lengthy articles then you are sure going to make it to the top of Google.

  16. Naveen says:

    Hi I agree with you. Accepting low quality guest posts are not only spoil the blog’s traffic, but readers trust. These days there were SEO agencies and guest bloggers targeting blogs with low quality thin posts for only getting links. But we can accept the guest posts to trusted guest authors.

    In order to avoid, we should be very careful about accepting guest posts.

    Thanks to the wonderful article.

  17. Sam Adeyinka says:

    Hey Shazad, it’s good to be back here on your great blog….I just lost my way during all the travels around the blogosphere. I guess that’s why you haven’t been seeing me. :)

    So speaking of, you are damn too right about not accepting guest post. Although you have shared valid reasons as to why we shouldn’t be accepting guest post but they are way vital to our blogs sometimes, I mean like saving us when we are busy with offline jobs.

    I basically stopped accepting guest post from folks I seem not to have previous dealings or relationships with because of so many reasons. SHould I mention the reasons? Okay I will, cus I know you want to know. :D


    1. They are unknown & works for SEO Companies.
    2. They don’t promote the post
    3. They barely reply comment and if they do it looks very spammy
    4. They are usually spurned articles
    5. They don’t pass my pagliarism checker tool and several other reasons you can think of.

    So Shazad, with this few points of mine I hope I have been able to make sense?

    Thanks for sharing this with great community and for telling me about this article if though have seen and read about it yesterday on my phone. :) Thanks also for the quick chat on FB. It’s really appreciated!


    • Shahzad says:

      Hey Sam,
      Thanks for your additional points. You added real value on this post :)

      I agree that guest posting is good at some times especially one is busy with other works…
      Thanks again for dropping by!

  18. Ahsan Ali says:

    Hi Shahzad,

    Wow, crazy drop. Accepting QUALITY guest posts is good. Accepting poor posts, no good. I am pretty picky these days with my GPs and never have allowed my blog to become a link farm if that is what GPers want.


    • Shahzad says:

      Welcome home Ahsan.
      Seems to be your first comment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Feel free to come back here often. Will really appreciate your valuable words :)

  19. Saifi Rizvi says:

    Thats true, Google will slap on many other sites who tries to build a link in unethical way. I dont understand why people concentrate on only links even they don’t try to build link naturally. I suggest all to build link naturally don’t ever try to build in unethical way this will def harm you.

    • Shahzad says:

      Good to see you here :)

      I totally agree with you. I think most of the so called SEO companies are unaware what actually SEO is.
      Will be expecting your comments often :)

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