WordPress HTTP Error Fix When Uploading Image

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3 Responses

  1. Ammar Ali says:

    Same thing was happening to me. I also disabled all plugins and I found problem with Thesis Openhook and Smash.it plugin :)

    Now everything is working perfect !!

  2. Solution after Media Temple upgrates on Plesk and PHP.

    Edit the following file:

    Add this line (just below all of the other lines that start with ‘Fcgid’):

    `FcgidMaxRequestLen 1073741824`

    Restart your Apache web-server service with this command:

    `service httpd restart`


    • Anuj Sharma says:

      Thanks Marcos for your solution but for that your need to have access of fcgid.conf file and hosting provider don’t provide access to this file on shared hosting.

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