I am Working at a Startup

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20 Responses

  1. Greg Narayan says:

    Yo Shahzad,
    Don’t worry, sounds like the natural ups and downs of blogging. Great work joining a startup – sounds profitable in the long-term.

    When I noticed this problem in my work, I shifted to more personal, shorter posts that still included advice. Just letting people know you’re busy but still care really helps.

    See ya around,

    • Shahzad says:

      That’s really a great motivational tip my friend :) Really loved that!

      And sure, will continue writing like you said shorter posts, more personal tips here after.

      Thanks again :)

  2. jay says:

    Hey Shazad hello, you mentioned that you find it easy to find clients and its fun too. Can you share some tips and tricks and how you find your clients

    • Shahzad says:

      Hey Jay,
      Nice question… There are many freelancing sites on web and for me you know writing proposal is like fun…
      Hmm… looks like you are looking for clients online. Am I right?

  3. One of my blog is almost dead because i can hardly make out time for it but i am determined just as you to resurrect it and put life back into it. Thanks for the encouragement i got from this post.

  4. Hi Shahzad,
    ups and downs is always natural. However it’s great that you thought about turning back to blogging once again and we want to read more posts in the future keep blogging and cheers!

  5. Hi Shahzad,

    Liked that spirit of entrepreneurship you and your college mates showed. After all, working for your own little start-up feels like heaven.

    No matter how many hours you work or how many hardships you face, you are working for yourself. That’s a good thing. You believe in it, so go make it happen.

    All the best


    • Shahzad says:

      Hey Arun,
      Really glad to hear your inspirational words. Thanks for that. Having great friends who always come up with better idea for businesses and on technical side is really great.

      Thanks Arun for making me inspired :)

  6. These things happen Shahzad. A few weeks ago I was disgusted with blogging and I do this full time lol….cycles go around and your fire will return ;)


  7. I enjoyed reading your post and can certainly relate to it. It is sometimes difficult to juggle work and blogging, especially if you have long work hours, like you do. You have a great blog though. I hope you keep it up. Cheers!

  8. Don,t worry bro. you are a good blogger & you will definitely brings this blog to new heights

  9. I believe this is all about inertia. Just as one cannot expect a car to go to full speed instantly, things cannot go to full speed soon. Patience, hard work and good luck help. About luck, I recall thomas Jefferson who said “I believe in luck, and the harder I work the more of it I have”… or something.

  10. Kushal Jain says:

    Well, these days ‘Engineering’ and ‘Business Management’ streams and courses too don’t let you enough time. Blogging is harder these days if its not your full time job.. But not giving up is a different story :)

  11. Kungphoo says:

    Start ups take long hours and allot of dedication, but once they start to fly its very smooth!

  12. Hi Shahzad,

    Don’t worry bro this is happens with everybody whose working as blogger. Ups and downs are the part of your blogging life. Glad that you not give up and keep your enthusiasm at the same level where it is previously. :)

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