Income Report: How I earned $1500 Online in January 2014

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  1. Hi Shahzad,

    Congratulations mate :) I don’t think you should be hesitant to share your result at all, ’cause there are many folks out there willing to make real money. Some even spend money but leave with no earning,

    Interesting how Fiverr could land you on four figures. I can think of few friends used to sell gigs on Fiverr, so they might like to read your story too.

    Yet I haven’t given a much thought about money making aspect from blogging, but interested in see how affiliate marketing will work out for me. So, thanks for the reminder and I’m glad to hear it’s been supporting your income too.

    You have a fabulous week there!


    • Shahzad says:

      Welcome home Mayura,
      Glad to see you here. Feel free to share this result with those friends who work on Fiverr.

      I shared this because people value results. People don’t care how good an article is. For them all that matters is the results.
      Will be expecting here more often. Good luck buddy :)

  2. frank joseph says:

    Wow! You are earning good money with fiver! Yes, for western country $1,500 may not be much, but for international members, it is more than enough! Whatever you are offering on fiverr is making sense!
    Congratulations and I hope i will find a buy-able niche on fiver..

    • Shahzad says:

      Glad to see your monthly income report also on “Money Home Blog:)
      Let’s hope that we both can break the current records in terms of revenue.
      Good luck!

  3. marilyn cada says:

    congratulations Shahzad :) more incomes to come :)

  4. Sanjeev says:

    Congrets Shahzad, Its a great start. Many bloggers will aspire for that kind of part time income and will defiantly take away some learning from your post.. Keep sharing your monthly income reports….

  5. Nate says:


    Wow very impressive. But you are right some of the gigs on fiverr are sort of ruining it for a lot of people who don’t have alot of money but want results or need something to get done. I can’t to see your future results!

    • Shahzad says:

      Glad to see ya here again. As I said Fiverr can be used as a jetpack for anyone’s businesses. So why not to try it?

      You can either buy or sell gigs there and I am sure that you’ll be loving it for sure

  6. Naveen says:

    Hi Shahzad,

    You’ve done a great job by diversifying your income. Hope you double triple even multiple your income soon.

  7. Fiverr is one of the best Way to make big money. People underestimate the value of $5 but many of them don’t have idea about the great tools Fiverr provided by Fiverr which can earn you much more from a single client.
    I have earlier tried Fiverr & made some decent money but due to focus on blogging, I could not continue.

  8. Very impressive Shahzad, good job.

  9. Bellaisa says:

    It’s nice to see you are making money on Fiverr. I buy all my eBook covers from a girl on Fiverr and when it is all said and done, I normally end up paying her about $30-$40 per cover. And, she always has about 50-100 orders in the queue waiting for her. So, yeah, you can definitely make more than $5 per gig on Fiverr!

    • Shahzad says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Bellaisa…
      Whoa! 50 orders of $30. Just calculate, it’s like that girl is working full time as a designer on Fiverr. Do you have any plans to sell gigs there Bellaisa?

  10. Hi Shahzad,

    Good to be over at your blog too, and this is wonderful indeed – to read about your income report :)

    I never knew you could earn so much through Fiverr – I guess I always thoughts people usually visit it for buying services, though I’ve never been there as yet. Yes, freelance writing pays well if you get good clients.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Shahzad says:

      I am very happy to see you here Harleena. Hope you enjoyed reading about Fiverr.

      I really appreciate you efforts to reciprocate each and every comments you receive. I admire to be like that to be honest

  11. Hamza says:

    you are doing a great job but why you are not earning from your blog because form comments i guess you have many visitors and you can earn some money from your blog as well.

  12. Pankaj says:

    It is nice to use fiver for making money although I don’t know how all these things works properly but by reading this post it is somehow clear to me that by selling gigs we can make money on this.

  13. Tom says:

    Hi Shahzad,

    To be honest, I do not trust people on Fiverr. This service doesn’t look professional for me. I think the better idea is to work on Freelancer, Elance or eDesk.


  14. Hamim says:

    Hey Shahzad,
    I know this post was old. But it can’t resist me to make a comment. I came through some new topic which I can use to make more money. BTW 1500$ per month too big for me.
    Thanks for this post

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