Earn BIG by Selling Small- 7 Lessons I learnt as a Fiverr Level 2 Seller

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  1. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Wow Shahzad, you’re doing a fabulous job with Fiverr.

    To be honest, I never played with Fiverr, I even don’t know how it works lol.

    The upselling method is of course works like a charm.

    So when you get an order to design a landing page for maximum conversions for someone, how much times it takes for you to design one? And how you design it for them?

    • Shahzad says:

      Thanks Ehsan for your kind words.

      Landing page design is a part of our services we provide from our startup SoftUniqueCorp.com. Yeah, I am working on a startup now. We are looking to hire more local designers for doing this as we are getting more orders.

      Time for landing page depends. We design it as normal as any other landing page. Let me know if you would like to get started as a Fiverr seller. Its all fun, after all!

  2. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Awsome Shazad,

    Can you show me few examples of the landing pages you designed so far?

    And how do you deliver it to the buyer? I mean If I want you to design a landing page for me on a specific page of my blog, for instance at guideandnews.com/join-the-community than will i have to give my WordPress login information to you? Lol

    I’d love to. I’m waiting for your article about getting started with Fiverr for beginners.

    • Shahzad says:

      Wow Ehsan,
      You can see landing page design samples at my fiverr gig page. I don’t love to promote my Fiverr gig from my blog so I don’t like to put the link here. However, you can find link to that gig page inside the above article.

      For you, designing is free!! Just let me know how you wanted it to design or just show me a landing page as reference and yeah, it is completely free (for you exclusively as you are first Blogger to ask about it…LOL!).

      I’ll create a video showing how to add custom landing page on WordPress website. Alternatively if you want me to set up that page for you, I can do it. Just make me admin of your page or just send me the credentials!

      Getting started to Fiverr for beginners is easier. Yet I have not prepared an article for that. Because I’ve many articles to complete here. You know, I’ve not yet completed the ebook “How to Buy Sell Websites” :(

      Look forward to hearing from you.
      Thanks for commenting

  3. That’s really interesting, i have shared it on yourre.Fiverr is the best choice for newbies to make there first money online.

  4. Sagar Rai says:

    Superb article. I think Fiverr is slow earner sometimes. You work on landing page for just $5 which is a very small marginal value. Anyways having ADDONS sometimes are useful to gain some more GIGS sold.

  5. Helpful breakdown here Shahzad.

    I never used Fiverr much but can see the value in the network. Getting contract work done from helpful folks works for me.



  6. Hello bro,

    How are you?

    I’ve been heaing about your wonderful xploits on Fiverr and I’ll like
    you to help me with those your beautiful squeeze pages for $5.

    Please, the reeason is because, my account of fiverr is not going. I
    don’t know why.

    I need a good designed squeeze page where visitors can opt-in and then
    I can re-direct them to my offer.

    I’ll really appreciate your reply please.

    Hee’s the blog that I want a squeeze page on: ww.getasugarmummy.com

    Thanks and I really await your reply


    By the way, I just email’ed you

  7. Excellent tips shahzad,

    Well iam also a seller at fiverr and i earned some $$ so far, after reading your post i came across some of my mistakes. Which i should work on it to get more sales to my gigs.

    Anyway, thanks for the tips.

    • Shahzad says:

      Sarvesh … Nice to know it did help you. And yeah, implement the above strategies and let me know about your improvement on fiverr. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding selling gigs on Fiverr.

  8. Excellent post Shahzad! Fiverr is a great way to make cash, and even make a living!

    One piece of advice I can offer to those that start off on Fiverr in the sea of sellers is to go outside Fiverr to promote your brand.

    You want to be the practical and easy solution for people, and you can find a ton of hungry people on forums. We’ve been using this practice for awhile and it’s extremely lucrative.

    I wrote a guest post about it on FirepoleMarketing, would love for you to stop by and leave your feedback Shahzad: http://www.firepolemarketing.com/2013/05/03/forums-firestarter/

    The key thing to remember is when people need help on forums, you either want to be the first or the best answer, preferably both.

    You can also find out great ideas for future products and services by scavenging through threads where people are asking for help.

    • Shahzad says:

      Hi Matt,
      Our Fiverr account is a jetpack for our startup. Once we got $1000 client who wanted our services which costs more than a Fiverr.

      Thanks for sharing your guest post. Will definitely love it.

  9. Greg says:

    So, what’s your #1 piece of advice to get to level 2 Shahzad.

  10. Wow..Glad to see you are earning a lo from Fiverr. Even I tried it but failed. AS you said in starting time, its a pain to get our Gig ranked and get in our first order.

  11. Aditya says:

    Hi Shahzad,

    Bro, I’m totally agreed with a that Fiverr is now no longer a $5 thing…it has emerged a lot over the years….and freelancers can now use it at optimum level to earn a living via it….your tips are very nice….but I personally think you’re providing it on a very cheap rate….try a few other freelancing sites where you can charge higher….though it’s just my personal opinion…..

    • Shahzad says:

      I do agree with you.

      However, On Fiverr we don’t need to spend time for writing proposals like on freelancing site. In fact, these days many startups were also creating a fiverr seller account because they do get $1000 clients from Fiverr as we do.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion

  12. Its awesome post. Thanks to share.

  13. Nice post Shahzad!

    I had previous experience with Fiverr and earned some buck for my writing and link adding works.

    But due to limited time, its tough to update my gigs and it seems inactive there.

    Good to read your experience and nice to see your income with it.

    Keep it up!

  14. I visit your website first time, but really i impressed a lot. No doubt that you are a good and successful blogger. Your all post are good, but i check few of them, which i prefer best.

    Your article is very information, I read your article completely. Thanks for sharing :)

    You are doing great work, keep it up !!

    All the best for your future :)

  15. Alex says:

    Good article!
    Thank you!

  16. Nate Leung says:

    You are crushing it my friend. I’ve used fiverr in the past but never thought about making money on fiverr. Great tips, and I’ll be using this as resource. Thanks for sharing this!

  17. dreamgirl21 says:

    Great advide! i’ve been on fivver a few times and have
    purchased a few articles. It a great out sourcing tool.
    Thank you for sharing.

  18. frank joseph says:

    Amazing review, after seeing your fiver income report, am tempted to read all your fiver post to see if i can get the ‘secret’ behind your success :D
    Am going to read it all through again. I need that fiver money!

  19. Corey says:

    It’s great when you start getting those sales on Fiverr but remember too that gig extras are the key to making good money on Fiverr. You need to go from making a measly $4 to $12 or $16 with every sale and you do this by creating gigs that are stripped down and encourage buyers to buy the extras. This will help boost your hourly rate on Fiverr!

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