Panda Proofing Tips – Every Webmaster Should Know

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5 Responses

  1. Martel says:

    Thank god..I’m not using any of the above mentioned methods. I have a doubt.. the second point states there must not be empty pages.. is that the similar to error (404) pages or how it will be accounted ? That would be great if I’m clarified. BTW the post is awesome.

  2. Lån penge says:

    Hmm less content, does that mean that sites like mine would be in danger?

  3. Sparkie says:

    It’s quite shocking that almost nothing is working today, since the Google Panda updates have rolled out… some techniques are not delivering strong results or no results at all! Nor link building, nor SEO-ing, nor article marketing… even keyword-optimized linking can be dangerous…

    You’ve shared some valuable tips, but I think you should also add “improving user experience”, because visitor engagement is also very very important today!

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