THE END of Guest Posting: ProBlogger and DBT Closed Guest Post Submission

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25 Responses

  1. Rahim Sullami says:

    Hoooo! Shahzad, Thanks for informing this news.

    I usually guest posts on medium-sized blogs but I was in preparation for trying to guest post on Problogger.

    Will continue to guest posts on other blogs. What about yours… will you accept guest post on

  2. Ehsan Ullah says:

    I think both of them made a nice move. You might remember Shahzad that a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on top 10 bloggers to watch in 2013 where I mentioned Daniel Scocco’s name at first. You left a comment there saying that DBT had became a guest posting hub, so in the eyes of readers like you, I think It’s a nice decision for them.

    If you’re looking for other blogs in your niche to guest post, I would suggest you try on Basic blog Tips, ComLuv, WebLogbetter and ShoutMeLoud etc.

    • Shahzad says:

      Definitely Ehsan! Its really nice move.
      I think that Problogger is focusing for “Smashing Magazine” style posts in 2013. That is highly focused on quality. Let’s wait and see…

      About your comment: I also found a comment of yours on DBT post where you mentioned about my comment of your top 10 bloggers post.

      At that time when I commented on your post Daniel was not updating any post (not even guest posts) daily. He might be busy or whatever the reason might be he should tell to his potential readers for this posting frequency deflection especially because his domain consists the term “daily”.

      I added this comment because I thought that he lost his focus on blogging due to his business outside the blog and NOT because by believing that DBT is “just” guest posting hub. And I don’t undervalue the site like that :) DBT is valuable resource but only objection I had is, he was not updating it often.

      But by posting this he cleared every doubts the readers had.

      Again I argue Ehsan;… you should not include names like Daniel and Pat Flynn on the list of “Top 10 Bloggers to watch in 2013” haha… ;)

      Because they proved themselves on the blogging circle already and for those kind of posts new names are more suited that’s why I +1’ed the name of Greg there!

      Thanks for mentioning other blog names for guest posting. Will test those sites.
      Thanks again for your valuable comment!

      • Ehsan Ullah says:

        I’ve been following Daniel from last two years and I know him better. He loves blogging and he won’t lose his focus on blogging because of anything. He even got many offers of 24x of monthly income to sell DBT, but he didn’t because he loves what he do there. The reason he wasn’t updating it often because he was trying to bring more quality instead of quality. And yes, he was quite busy too with his mobile apps business.

        You’re right that I had to include few top upcoming bloggers name in my list, but the reason I added those big names is to build a relationship with them and as they’ve big following, so they can help me grow my blog :D

        • Shahzad says:

          Thats’ great idea Ehsan. Keep it up!

          • Greg says:

            Whoa whoa settle down guys ;)

            I love guest posting (for a lot of reasons but definitely) as a growth strategy. The author always shares it like crazy, driving their network to the post.

            Maybe PB and DBT have different plans for growth. I know Google has changed how they view “quality” content. Authorship could be a reason. Or maybe the # of submissions got too crazy.

            Why do you guys think a blog would end GPs?

          • Shahzad says:

            Greg has done a lot of guest posts out there to promote his blog.
            I will definitely check this list to get more details like where he dropped his post

  3. Ferb says:

    Hi Shahzad, don’t worry join MyBlogGuest to find blogs to guest blog on and remember there are billions of blogs out there for you to guest post on.

    Thanks – Ferb

  4. Shahzad says:

    Thanks for your suggestion. But I think to upload article to the directory we need to spend money on myblogguest :(

    Thanks anyway for your comment :)

  5. Raplus says:

    I think that stopping accept guest posts is good for those 2 blogs. But it is not a good thing for us. I recommend you to publish a guest post on ShoutMeLoud.

  6. Arslanh says:

    Well, its really shocking to hear this news!

  7. Hi Shahzad,

    Guest posting has really been abused these days. As a blog owner you can feel the pain caused by the ‘so called’ SEO Companies.

    Recently one guy offered a guest post. The post was fine and everything looked genuine. The content was unique, fresh containing some good tips for the readers. I set up a account asked him to fill up the profile. Finally, when I noticed that the Gravatar was containing author’s image, I asked for another email address that contains the author’s photograph, where he declined.

    Why would I publish a post from a person who does not want to be presented as a blogger himself?

    SEO Companies are charging good money for each link and attempting to get free from blogs through Guest Posts.

    Your story is something different, however, but it might be the side effect of these practices, that many blogs stopped accepting guest posts.

    • Shahzad says:

      Hey Suresh,
      Thanks for letting us know your experience. I have another blog where I get paid to publish such SEO companies’ guest posts. But later it affect my blog’s overall ranking. Hmmm… Will write another post regarding this.

  8. Yeah bro….tough time. I recently applied for guest posting at Problogger and they replied they are not receiving guest post anymore.

    • Shahzad says:

      Yeah Rudraksh,
      Unfortunately you were too late to apply… My article will be publishing there on 21st Feb. Its my last opportunity. After accepting my article they closed submission of guest post. Hehe ;)

      No problem… Try another blogs for guest posting. Let me know if you need any help from me.

  9. Ehsan Ullah says:

    I just want to say that I’m glad you submitted yours on Problogger Shahzad!

  10. Yeremi Akpan says:

    Hi Shahzad,
    I know how this must have made you feel!

    Now is the time for smaller bloggers to band together, since the bigger ones are going the way of full media companies with in house writers and all.

    Don’t sit on your oars! Get you content out there to other blogs!

  11. Shahzad – This is the 2nd article I am reading about closing down guest posting in the past hour!!! Really surprising and not sure if the next google update has anything to do to penalize guest posts.

    However, I have 2 blogs – and where I accept guest articles. It would be an honour to publish you (if you even consider blogs like mine).

    Have a wonderful day ahead.

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