Secure WordPress Blog – Protect From Hackers

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4 Responses

  1. Harry Sehgal says:

    Being a Certified Ethical Hacker I would Like to Add Something. You should also not share the plugins you use in your Blog. Because any Hacker can scan that plugins for Vulnerability and can hack your blog.

  2. Alam says:


    Simply disallow /wp-admin/ from being brute forced. When you don’t want to add new post. follow these..

    touch .htaccess in /wp-admin/

    $touch .htaccess
    $echo “deny from all” > .htaccess
    $echo “allow from your-current-ip-e.g-”

    So in this way, you admin page will throw 503 error code in header and user will unable to brute force. This is applicable to those blogs where you don’t allow user registration .

  3. Mark Nett says:

    Thanks! for the useful post.Previously I use joomla & got hacked that is the reason why I moved to wordpress.

    Regarding harry’s comment I too feel the same but there are many ways to find what plugins any site is using.It’s not that difficult to find.I suggest to use Tested Plugins & dont use any plugins that are nto verfied before they are deployed on your test site.

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