Deciding Where to Sell Your Ebook; ClickBank vs. E-junkie vs. Amazon vs. Lulu

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  1. geoff says:

    Hi Shahzad, with Ejunkie you do need a payment processor to handle the credit cards, these will charge a transaction fee per sale. An alternative to using ejunkie that includes all fees and that has a simple checkout that doesn’t transfer customers away from your site is

    Sellers can choose to extend its functionality with a shopping cart and can offer customers the choice of paying with credit cards or PayPal. There are no limits on bandwidth, and each item sold can be up to 4GB in size. It also allows customers to download straight to kindle and dropbox. It is popular with artists and writers like Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn who sell their work directly. It is free to sign up so worth checking out.

    • Shahzad says:

      Hey Geoff,
      Thanks for dropping by. Your comment really adds value to this post. It is great to know that sites like is using it, thus it increases the credibility of the product.

      Free to sign up? Really!
      Then, what’s the catch. I am curious to know about it. May be I could use it in my upcoming launch :)

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