WordPress SEO Breadcrumbs That Google Displays

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12 Responses

  1. blog radio says:

    hi you.
    i want to breadcrumb
    home >>Blog radio >> music
    but with your code it display
    home >>music >>blog radio
    please help me.

  2. Thank you so much! I now have Google-enabled breadcrumbs on my website!

  3. Arafinshaon says:

    Tnx dude :) It works pretty fine.

  4. arafinshaon says:

    Anuj need a little bit help! Google just picking last category in search result. Not like above image

    I have so many sub-categories under category
    now showing in search reasult
    how2blog.in> SEO
    But i want
    how2blog.in> Blogging> SEO
    In search result

    can u help me regarding this ?

  5. arafinshaon says:

    anuj i’m not getting u :( Would u kindly clarify with an example?

  6. otobong says:

    am not using Thesis and I cant get RDFA to work on my blog. Any help on manually inserting the code please?

  7. Games40 says:

    Thanks, this working fine :)